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With the advancements of human technology, everything seems to be constantly replaced with something better, more efficient or even just plain cooler. But there is one time of the year when I wish kept time on an analog watch instead of my phone.

Daylight saving.

Yup, it’s time again to delay my clocks and get an hour’s extra sleep tonight. I was so very happy, until I realized that some phone settings do the time change automatically and others don’t.

Personally, I prefer to do it myself. That way I know  I have done it and need not check again. Had my phone settings been on “Automatic” and I delayed the time manually, I will have had two hours of extra sleep and been an hour late to church!

I know my phone is on manual. I know I can use my ipod and tamper with the settings so it thinks we are still in January. I know I might be able to get my parents to give me a ring in the morning so I do wake up at the right time (but this is inconvenient). I know my roommate can wake me up.

I know that if I had an analog alarm with me, all would be fine. Maybe two analog alarms, in case one runs out of battery.

Really, we think we’re so in control of technology when in fact technology often has a mind of its own.

Note to self: wear an analog watch, buy an analog alarm.