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This week when I studied for a few hours in a group work area with exam buddies, I noticed that the waste bin was full of… comfort food wrappings.

McD, Hungry Jacks, Kit-Kats, random Asian snacks (which I love), pizza, and Oreos (that was me). But lined up along the top were those drinks that increase in sales during this inevitable period.


1. Mother and Redbull
Redbull gives you wings. My backpack has wings. My backpack does not drink Redbull.

2. Chatime bubble tea
Ah, we love our bubble tea, don’t we? Sweet, slippery, squishy pearls. Chewing may help concentration, but don’t choke on it.

3. Coffee
A few weeks before exams, my friend said she was cutting back on coffee so she could feel the effect when she drank it during exam period. Really…

4. Hot chocolate
This one’s mine. I looooove Cadbury’s.


5. Water
Hydrate yourself, hydrate your brain, but don’t drink too much two hours before the exam.

All the best exam buddies!