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That’s the name of my dear friend’s blog.


Jill is studying accounting and  has this bubbling creative side that just can’t stay hidden.

What struck me most about Jill was that she was always ready to greet you and talk to you no matter who you were, completely ignoring the unspoken laws of junior high school. I remember she would always give each of her classmates chocolate on Valentine’s Day. It always touched me that someone would deny cliques and reach out to everybody.

Oh! She used to have this huge belt she always wore on free dress days… like an Amazonian warrior princess. I thought it was pretty cool.

Her writing style is playful and sweet, yet heartfelt and somehow very profound. Like the name of her blog, it really is like drinking a cup of tea, but not the typical English tea. More like Chai tea or bubble tea, with hints of something spicy and unique, but only mildly such that it is pleasant and soothing.

Click this link to enjoy your cup of tea with Jill!