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pencil sketch, completed around May 2013, delayed upload

pencil sketch, completed around May 2013, delayed upload

About an age ago, back in the pseudo-torture wonderland called junior high school where unfortunately “off with her head”s were frequently uttered by Queens of Hearts, I had a friend ask me to do a portrait for her. She had created a masterpiece of name artwork for me, and I was quite happy to draw her.

Unfortunately, back then, I didn’t know you had to return a gift in the equivalent size. Even more unfortunate was that I had never really sketched a face bigger than my fist. In fact, I never sketched. I only knew solid lines. Ah, but excuses, excuses.

So here is that long overdue sketch of you, my dear friend, from fond memories and really old blurry photos. If you’re reading this, you were such an inspiration to me all those years ago. You always had a direction in life where others were still undecided, and whether you ended up pursuing it or not is a different story. The most important thing was that you dared to dream.