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Naomi: I wonder how lifts work.

Roomie: What do you mean?

Naomi: Well, if we press the down button, but the person on the floor below us pressed it first, and the lift is three floors below us, would it pick up the person on the floor below us or us first?

Roomie: It should pick us up first because if it picks up the person below us, then they would be taken to the ground floor before the lift comes back up to pick us up. That would be bad programming.

Naomi: We should make a C program to try and map the route of a lift and maybe calculate the average time it would take us to get to the ground floor. Use statistics and probability or something.

Roomie: Hmm, it might work.

Naomi: Yeah, it can be our summer project or something!

[Next evening]

Roomie: [Grins]

Naomi: We’re actually taking the lift down together. [We never do that.]

Roomie: Yeah. The lift is taking a while.

*BING! [Lift door opens, Roomie and Naomi walk in, lift door closes, goes to floor below and slows down to stop and pick up another passenger]

Naomi: Oh, oh! We should ask them how long they waited for! Recent means… [details not necessary]

[Lift doors open, girl steps one foot in]

Naomi: Hey! How are you?

[Girl pauses]

Naomi: [waves] Come in, come in!

[Girl looks suspicious, but brings her other foot in. Lift door closes]

Naomi: We were just wondering whether it took quite a long time for the lift to come, or whether you just recently pressed the button!

Girl: It took a while.

Naomi: Ok, cool! [Turns to Roomie] So that doesn’t solve anything. We don’t know if it already picked us up whether pressing the button after would make the lift stop on the way down.

Roomie: Yeah, we should use walkie talkies and test out all the possible combinations of button pressing and lift location… [details not necessary]

[Lift lands on ground floor, doors open, and girl rushes off as if she’d seen aliens]

Beware of the aliens invading lifts

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