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Naomi: Are you going to study?

Roomie: No, I’m going to draw on Photoshop.

Naomi: Are you studying?

Roomie: No, I’m reading fanfiction.

Naomi: I’ve just thought of something. How can you read fanfiction when you have no internet connection?

Roomie: I save them on my external drive. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Naomi: Are you studying?

Roomie: No, I’m just arranging my files on my laptop.

Naomi: Are you studying?

Roomie: I’m revising using this flash card program.

Naomi: Yes! Finally! She does study!

Naomi: Ok, ok, what fanfiction are you reading now?

Roomie: Stargate: Atlantis.

Naomi: I can now tell your fanfiction screen from you flash card program screen from your Photoshop screen.

Naomi: My friends are always like, “Whoa, your roommate is in medical school? She must study heaps! That’s good influence right?”

Med school =/= death

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