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Roomie: I like pockets

[Roomie brings a moon cake to share with Naomi. It should have no eggs, but who knows? Roomie brings the knife down and with a swift movement, produces four slices of a perfectly cut moon cake.]

Roomie: [Grins] No eggs.

Roomie: I have really bad reflexes. [Attempting to knee tap herself]

Roomie: This thing is really dangerous. [Referring to the tip of the handle for the tendon hammer which is very pointy]

Naomi: What’s it used for?

Roomie: Oh, some people use it to scratch the bottom of the feet for the foot curling reflex, but it must really hurt. I’d just use my finger. I think it would bleed if I used the tendon hammer’s handle. That wouldn’t be good.

[After reading the above writing]

Roomie: Did I tell you that I actually stabbed myself with the tendon hammer and drew blood? It wasn’t that much blood…

Tendon hammers may have pointy ends

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