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Roomie: Hey Naomi, what language did you learn programming in?

Naomi: C. Why?

Roomie: Because I signed up for a course for programming (as you would while studying Med) in “Ah”.

Naomi: Oh cool! In what?

Roomie: “Ah”

Naomi: What’s that?

Roomie: It’s a letter like “C”

Naomi: So it’s “A”? Like A, B, C.

Roomie: No, “Ah” like Q, R, S…

Naomi: Oh “R”!

Roomie: Yeah!

Naomi: That’s “Ar-rr”!

Roomie: No, this is Australia. It’s “Ah”.

Naomi fails Australian pronunciation class, Roomie struggles to contain herself

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