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Naomi: So are we doing something over the break?

Roomie: I don’t know. Is everyone free?

Naomi: Well, I’ll be in the city a few days. Facebook’s delayed. So text me. Or call me maybe?

Roomie: Oh! You know my friend forced me to watch that music video?

Naomi: Oh! I don’t get it…

Roomie: Yeah, I don’t get it either.

Naomi: Who sings it?

Roomie: No clue.

Naomi: Ugh, now it’s stuck in my head.

[5 minutes later]

Naomi: [bursts out singing] Hey! I just met you, and this is cra-azy! But here’s my number, so call me, maybe?

Roomie: NOOOOOOO! Now it’s stuck in mine! Ugh, revenge is sweet.

Indeed it is

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