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Several days weeks ago- or was it months?- I ordered several prints and a badge from a very cute Etsy store owned by a lovely Kate Hayward.

Departing from the usual October mania of Halloween full of stuff that actually freaks me out, I absolutely love her Autumn Leaves prints. Orange and black are definitely autumn colours, but the picture is not ghoulish or squeamish. In fact, it’s really quite cute!

But what struck me most was her handwritten note attached to the print. She really didn’t have to. The extra stickers and name card would have been enough. But just that extra element of human touch made my day.

A simple and effective note

A simple and effective note

I don’t even know what her voice sounds like, but just through that package I knew she was saying thank you. Appreciation was saturated in the contents.

It is a nice feeling: knowing that the person you just bought something from actually really liked the fact that you liked their products. Even the smallest of objects. I mean, it was a print. An A5 print. And a postcard. And a badge. They aren’t exactly big or expensive. But she gave the best customer service she knew how anyway, and for that I give her 5/5 stars!

Extra stickers and mini business card... Love!

Extra stickers and mini business card… Love!

I will definitely be keeping an eye on your store Kate!

Check out her store! Click here!

To visit her blog, click here.