It saddens my merry heart to say that we are nearing the end of this series affectionately labelled The Roommate Chronicles as Roomie and I are parting ways for next year. But don’t despair; we may concoct many more stories yet! Who knows what the future brings!

Tonight Roomie and I were at a mutual friend’s party, so we went there and walked home together. We even made a new fellow complex friend! And a parked-near-the-complex friend…

Naomi: [Walking towards our room] Well, that was totally fun!

[Roomie reaches for her keys and knocks on the door before unlocking it.]

Naomi: Huh? What are you knocking for?

Roomie: Err, I didn’t want to disturb you.

Naomi: But I’m right here!

Roomie: Uhm, force of habit.

[Both burst out laughing]

Naomi: Ah, I should put this on the blog!

Roomie: Nuooooo!

[Several minutes later, both are writing/drawing viciously at their study desks: Roomie fights her sugar high, Naomi struggles through her sugar crash]

Naomi: Hey, what did I say I was going to write on my blog?

Roomie: I don’t think I should remind you.

Naomi: Aw, come on, what was it?

Roomie: … I knocked…

Naomi: [Bursts out laughing] OH YEAH! How could I forget? Ha-ha! Thanks!

Roomie: I will regret saying that…

Naomi: What are you doing?

Roomie: Trying to dilute the sugar.

Naomi: But you’re tired! Look! [Points to Roomie’s eyes] Those are sleepy eyes!

Roomie: But I know I would be able to sleep!

Naomi: How can you tell?! I just go to bed and end up wide-eyed, staring at the ceiling, seeing things.

Roomie: What?

Naomi: Err, I mean, not seeing things. Haven’t you ever half squinted and followed those nearly transparent bubbly things floating around?

Roomie: Well, I’m not the weird one here.

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