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Gold suits brown and tanned skin tones

Gold suits brown and tanned skin tones

Melbournians love the color black. Black tights, black skirts, black shoes, black backpacks. Nearly everyone has an element slipped into their outfit.

I used to think that it made everything look dull and unattractive but have since been converted to the dark side.

Black seems to give a tinge of sophistication.

This is perhaps due to black being the safest color to mix and match with other colors. Grey and white are the other safe fillers for outfits.

However, I do believe that there are several “more right” ways to wear the Little Black Dress (LBD).

1. Be context appropriate

This applies to any outfit. Just because it is black does not give it a free pass to any event you have in mind.

For example, try not to wear funeral-like attire to events which are not funerals and vice versa. Also do not wear Gothic Lolita dresses to anything which falls short of being a full-blown anime festival. Unless, of course, you are totally fine with everyone stopping to stare at you and potentially shake their heads, thinking what in the world is this generation coming to.

2. Choose the appropriate size and style

Just because it’s black does not mean it disguises everything.

3. Accessorize

Black, by itself, can be a bit dull. So to spice things up, wear accessories which are brighter and will be the center of attention. Gold, like in the illustration, works very well, especially for brown or tanned skin tones.

Pearly accessories work for lighter skin tones, and silver goes with all skin tones. Of course, that’s just one person’s opinion.

For less formal events, I would say you have all the colors of the rainbow to play around with, but try to match all the accessories so that they are within similar or matching color schemes. Eg. matching the belt with the bag and shoes, but don’t make them identical.

4. Be comfortable

The point of an LBD is to be safe, so you might as well be comfortable and confident in what you wear!