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Right, so a lot of friends have been asking about how long I have been using watercolor and how I do it.

I have only one “technique” in using watercolour, and that is this chart on a normal piece of A4 paper. It’s magic, or something like it.

img029 (Medium)The colours on the chart were made by mixing the blocks on the left-most column with the top row. I have 11 colours to produce all the colours in the chart, but even then, sometimes it’s not enough. So I use 3 colours.

Here’s how I do it:

1. Chose a colour in the chart which best matches the desired colour. Mix these on the plastic palette.

2. Test the colour out on the same type of paper being used for the drawing. This allows different types of paper affecting the colour to be taken into consideration.

3. Guess the third colour which would drive towards the desired colour. It takes a little bit of intuition and a lot of experimentation.

Happy painting!

Next tutorials will be step by step process of how a fashion illustration is drawn from scratch.