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DSC_0951 (Medium)That right there is the finished product! Today I will take you step by step (in my shoes, haha, get it? Step? Other Shoes? Name of this blog? Okay, that was a bad joke) through the process of one of my illustrations.DSC_0934 (Medium)First of all, I draw an outline starting from the head, neck, spine, and arms. Then I draw a triangle representing the hip. The thigh, knee cap, legs and feet are then outlined. More detail about posturing in upcoming posts.DSC_0939 (Medium)Then draw in the face. Again, more detail in future posts.DSC_0941 (Medium)This is a good time to draw in the clothes before any more details (eg. hands, legs, feet) are drawn.DSC_0945 (Medium)Now draw a more detailed outline of the legs. I’ve drawn in pants because they help to outline the shape of the legs for the purpose of this tutorial. I use a bone as a guide for the feet. It’s called the calcaneus, or perhaps more easily identified as the heel. Then I draw the shoes. The reason the feet are usually drawn later is because a skirt or dress might cover the feet, so there may be no need to draw them at all.DSC_0946 (Medium)Time for outlining using fineliner!DSC_0947 (Medium)Shirt detail is incomplete. This is totally fine. Sometimes I need to first see a clean picture before deciding what kind of missing element properties would best match the rest of the outfit.DSC_0948 (Medium)The outline is done!DSC_0949 (Medium)Now colour it in! I usually do the background last because I need to see what colours would match.DSC_0951 (Medium)Tadaa!