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You may be wondering what on earth the chick flick Letters to Juliet has to do with C programming… Well, the answer is, nothing! Apologies, I just had to group them!

Remember the giveaway? Well, below is the C program that I wrote by myself (read: proud moment) to select random winners based on the local time (to the second, I think). Basically all I need to do is run the program and input how many entries there were and how many winners I want.


Ideally I should have used arrays, but I kinda hate arrays… Maybe next time I need to select a giveaway winner, I will modify it using arrays.

Okay, enough nerd talk! Giveaway ends in 3 days, so click this link and fill out a form!

Also, Illustrations by Naomi is now doing original custom illustrations in A4 ($40) and A5 ($25). Check it out!