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letters_to_juliet_portrait (Medium)Custom portraits are now available on Illustrations by Naomi in A4 ($40).

Now for the tutorial! First of all, chose the picture you want to draw. I prefer one in which the face takes up most of the height of the picture. The following is a scene from Letters to Juliet.

amanda_seyfried1Using the very primitive Paint, draw 9 squares like so:

amanda_seyfried2You can use more than 9 squares, but note that too many small squares crowd the sketch and make it look patchy.

Do the same on the sketching sheet.

DSC_0955 (Small)Then mark down where the outline of the face intersects with the lines.

DSC_0956 (Small)Join the lines and sketch the position of the eyes and nose.

DSC_0957 (Small)Sketch more detail on the eyes and sketch the lips and eyebrows.

DSC_0958 (Small)Up until now, the outlines were only rough sketches. Erase the lines.

DSC_0959 (Small)Join the lines back again and add detail to the eyes. I love the eyes, they are the most eye-catching part of a drawing. Strange, huh?

DSC_0960 (Small)Using a graphite pencil (or normal pencil will do just fine), draw the hair strand by strand leaving white space, i.e. don’t block out the hair areas with black.

DSC_0961 (Small)Sketch the eyebrows in more detail. I use B because Amanda Seyfried’s eyebrows are a light colour.

DSC_0962 (Small)Here’s the sketch so far.

DSC_0966 (Medium)Using a 6B pencil, as darker lines to areas needing more shadow.

DSC_0967 (Small)These darker areas include the pupil of the eye, eyelids, lips and hair. See the arrows.

DSC_0968a (Medium)I used a tilted graphite pencil for the background. At some point, I held the sketch up to the computer screen and noted that her jaw was more sharp, so I corrected it. Here is the finished sketch.

DSC_0968 (Medium)I haven’t figured out how to record a video of me doing a sketch, so you’ll have to bear with these step by step pictures for now 🙂 Thanks for reading!