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DSC_0003 (Large)

I got the non-original idea of making a felt clutch from a felt pencil-case which my cousin thought would make a really cool clutch. “For lazy days,” she claimed.

Deciding not to buy the pencil case, instead making a clutch from scratch, was a fun decision to say the least.

Here’s what it looks like from the back angle when opened.

DSC_0006 (Large)

And here from the front.

DSC_0007 (Large)


  1. Felt (For this green clutch I used stiff felt, A3 size)
  2. Velcro
  3. Tape
  4. Cotton thread and needle
  5. Decorative craft flowers, lace, etc.
  6. Hot glue gun

So to make things less frustrating (for me), I reconstructed it on paper.

DSC_0014 (Large)

Fold to create the pouch area. Estimate how much flap you want.

DSC_0016 (Large)

Fold the flap.

DSC_0017 (Large)

Stitch the soft piece of Velcro onto the pouch part.

DSC_0018 (Large)

Use tape as a guide to make the stitches even.

DSC_0019 (Large)

Blanket stitch the pouch area. If unsure how to blanket stitch, I refer you to an excellent post here.

Do this to the left and right sides and attach the rough piece of Velcro to the flap.

DSC_0022 (Large)

After this, all that’s left to do is hot glue some lace and/or flowers and your clutch is done!

DSC_0023 (Large)

There are countless creative ways to use felt to make a clutch, pencil case, phone case, just about anything consisting of a pouch. Here’s one I made for a friend for singles day.

I used my mobile to approximate the size of pouch and flap. The top of the phone peeks through the top of the pouch as I made the pouch smaller than the height of the phone. Be creative 🙂

DSC_0010 (Large)

I used this Hello Kitty decoration I found.

DSC_0009 (Large)

Then I filled it with cute trinkets, just because!

DSC_0013 (Large)

Just have fun when you’re making these!