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Where: 60 Rose St., Fitzroy

When: Every Saturday and Sunday

Time: 11am-5pm

Website: http://www.rosestmarket.com.au/

Public transport: Tram 96 from Bourke St. or tram 112 from Collins St.

rosestmarketmapDSC_0040 (Medium)

You’ll find these ferocious felines painted on the walls outside.

DSC_0039 (Medium) DSC_0036 (Medium) DSC_0034 (Medium) DSC_0033 (Medium) DSC_0032 (Medium) DSC_0031 (Medium) DSC_0029 (Medium)

There’s an alleyway of graffiti at the back.

DSC_0035 (Medium) DSC_0027 (Medium) DSC_0026 (Medium) DSC_0024 (Medium)There is a diner attached to the market which has a rooftop.

All in all, I really like this market. There’s a stall of the artistic sites of Melbourne with many prints of the graffiti lanes and beautiful buildings. There is even a barber inside the warehouse! In total there are about 30+ stalls of jewelry, pottery, nerd accessories, paintings, photographs, prints, cards, decorations, plants, etc.