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miss_lemon (Small)

So, for those of you who missed the announcement, I am no longer doing blogger collaborations as part of my regular posts. I kind of got a bit sidetracked by pursuing stuff I didn’t need to and ended up completely forgetting the whole point of this blog: stress-relief and self expression.

It was fun illustrating bloggers I genuinely liked. Unfortunately, it gave the impression that I had nothing better to do than stalk fashion bloggers and asking for link love. That is so not true.

It takes 4 freaking hours to “whip up” an illustration, and generally weeks of planning. I also happen to be a full time engineering student, albeit on a near-ending holiday. I also have a shop. I also have a life.

So from now until I find a better way to relieve stress, I will only be posting things from my imagination, personal wardrobe, or imaginary personal wardrobe.

If you really do like my illustrations, for which I am very thankful and flattered, please do subscribe! I assure you, I check every blogger who subscribes even if I take a bit too long to do it.

And if you really would like me to illustrate you, for which I would be extremely happy and flattered to do, then please purchase the custom illustrations from my shop here. Some prints of the fashion illustrations on this blog are also for sale, eg. the print above by request.

Thank you for reading this far down. Live long and prosper \\//(^_^)\\//