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uglyduckling (Large)

So, Lucy Lawless held my right wrist a few hours ago.

I think my brain just burst.

And of course, I couldn’t think of anything better to tell her than the truth when I gave her a pencil portrait of her posing.

That is wasn’t me who took a picture with her yesterday.

That I only saw that pose of her because of someone’s Instagram.

That I drew it on the train.

Then speechlessness and awe ensued.

Why couldn’t I tell her that “I wish that was me!” and that I “knew the girl who did pose with her”. Both these statements are equally as true as the two previous and much more interesting.

Also should have added in “I’m a new admirer, thanks for being such an inspiration.” Not that she needs to be told.


Wind back a few hours and you’d see me being taken aback by a girl labeling my above artwork as “self esteem issues”. I explained, “She’s the ugly duckling in human form.”

“Well, she’s kind of weird-looking, but not that ugly. She must just have self-esteem issues.”

Self esteem?! Weird-looking?!!

Clearly she has never read Han’s Christian Anderson’s The Ugly Duckling.

The point is not that the duck was ugly. It was not ugly. It only thought it was because it did not fit in anywhere until he found his own beautiful kind.

My take on the point of the story is that we may feel isolated and out of place because we are different, but when we mature and accept who we are, we can find ourselves in places that we never dared imagine being in.

Anderson had a beautiful voice and wanted fame but those around him mocked him. So instead he wrote himself to fame. He became a swan.