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I have Asian parents, and like many Asian parents, or parents in general, they get very concerned about my future very often. They do it out of love, it’s true, but still, sometimes I wish they wouldn’t ask me too many questions.

Questions like:

So are you planning on finishing this degree?

When are you finishing this degree?

What’s happening next year?

What do you want your career to be?

Are you planning on getting a full-time job?

What about a summer job?

Do you want to go on summer vacation?

How about going to China? Learn Mandarin. Good for business.

What are you learning about this semester?

When are you going to do applicable projects at uni?

Are you getting work experience at uni?

Why don’t you volunteer more?

How many more years will you be in uni?

Do you want to live here?

Why don’t you look for experience overseas?

Why don’t you go to Germany?

How about Thailand?

Do you want to study design?

Why don’t you go to this seminar about career prospects?


Just let me do what I deem best to do today, because tomorrow is a new day, an unknown day full of many unforeseeable factors.

Because the more I’m asked, the more I flail my arms in failed attempts to fly and look around in confusion.

Because the truth is:

Only God knows the answers to those questions.