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START: Day 1 of being double-lidded

I woke to the sound of banging on my door. “NAOMI GET UP. My word, the girl sleeps so much,” I heard my father complain. My alarm had failed to ring. Or rather, I forgot to set it. Realizing the day, I jumped out of bed: this was the day I would have double eyelids.

I washed my face, brushed my teeth and eagerly pulled out the magical tape with anticipation. The tiny things were lined up like soldiers. I plucked one out.

Gingerly handling the uncooperative sticker, I closed my right eye and–wait, where exactly was I supposed to put it? Right on the edge of my lid? A little bit above that? Even higher? To the middle or to the lateral side? Should I Google first? No, the stickiness would be affected. So I stuck it to the middle of the middle and opened my eye.

I looked at this new version of my right eye in the mirror and–WHY AM I STILL A MONOLID?!!

The sticker had completely been engulfed in the folds of my eyelid and become not visible. What was this? Was I doomed to be a proud monolid for the rest of my life? Never getting the chance to see and experience the world from the other side?

Determined otherwise, I Googled it. At some point my mother came in and said, “Maybe you need longer ones. Maybe use two.” The woman might have a point.

I tried what Google told me. I tried using two. I even tried 3. My left eye seems to agree with the tape and produced a significant and very visible crease with just one piece. But my right eye, no matter what I tried, persisted in monolidism.

I was a chimera of half double half monolid. An unnatural looking being with one large and one small eye. I recalled a scripture in the Bible: No man can serve two masters.

I stripped the tape from both my eyelids.

STATUS: Failed to launch

END: Day 1 of being double-lidded

START: Day 8799 of being a monolid