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Last month I woke up 2 days before an interview to find that I had a red monstrous sized zit near my chin–yes, we have delved into the weirdness of puberty on this blog. Soon we’ll be

talking about how I eat 2 breakfasts, then elevenses. I think I’ll grow up to be a Hobbit.  Back to the zit,  if it were white it would be a simple matter of popping it and having the rest of the 2 days to decrease the scarring,  which is usually ample time. But with it being only red and large, here were my 2 options.

  1. Aggravate it by putting moisturizer or make up on it to entice it to “ripen”.
    This would enable me to pop it 1 day before the interview and have 1 day for the scar to lessen. It might work.

  2. Use an anti-spot liquid to hopefully dry the thing out and decrease the size.
    I can then put a little bit of foundation on it to cover it up. If I did that with the current big red pimple, it would be pretty obvious as the bump would be visible.  And I’d look slightly like a witch.

Because the zit was so large,  I went with option 1. The next day…


I was so smad. Sad and mad. Not the intracellular proteins for gene transcription, Smad.

In desperation I switched tactics because it was too late to try and pop it.  So I dried that poor thing out. Did it work?


Kind of! There was still a slightly red bump, but it was flatter and a little concealer could fix it.

Turns out my interviewer was sitting very far across me. And the other one Skyped in. All that worry…