Roomie: I’ve been using an app to read the Bible everyday.

Nomes: Is it “the Bible in one year” thing?

R: No it just has kind of prayers every day from various books in the Bible, continued the following day. But Sunday’s it’s own [crack].

N: Hah! Sunday crack! You got that right.

R: Wait, no. I said “track”. Sunday’s it’s own track.

N: And crack.

R: No, no crack.

Indoor rock climbing

N: Arghhhh! My hands cramping up, let me down please.

R: Are you okay?

N: What happens if you cramp up in life? Ugh, this is why I don’t like exercise. It makes me reflect on life too much.

R: …

Train heading home

R: You should just add him.

N: Okay. Here goes. I’m gonna press it.

R: Do it.

N: Aaaargh!

  • Friend request sent *

N: Phew, that was so difficult. So you think this will work?

R: It never worked on me.