Blogger collaborations are most welcome, especially from personal style bloggers! Just comment on one of my posts or shoot me an email at:

Most of the time a “collaboration” will include me checking out (read: stalking) your blog for an outfit to illustrate. Once I have illustrated said outfit, I will take a photo of it and tag you on Instagram.

Then I will proceed to scan the illustration and do a bit of editing before posting it on this blog with a link to your blog/post. I will then email you the link to the post along with a large sized image of the illustration.

All you need to do is feature my illustration on your blog and Instagram, clearly posting a link back to and @nomesartcorner respectively.

I will then link to your post on my featured page.

Phew! That’s a lot of linking! đŸ™‚

Please note that I have the right to kindly refuse a collaboration invite (due to not conforming to what I stand for, busy schedule, no time, exam stress, etc).



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